Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pleasingly Plump

I admit it. I’m a huge sucker for lip plumpers (pun intended!) Though I have yet to find one that truly gives me that Angelina pout, I’m always anxious to try the newest plumper on the market. Some of my absolute favorites come from TheBalm’s Plump Your Pucker line. With a wide range of shades and flavors, TheBalm plumping glosses offer more fun than function. The site claims that the glosses contain the mysterious “Maxi Lip” ingredient, which is supposed to promote plumping action over a series of thirty days. Hmmm. That’s just too long a wait for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever used the same lip gloss religiously for an entire month - not even glosses that I consider to be my favorites!

However, the glosses have many redeeming qualities, such as cute names and yummy tastes/fragrances. The name of each gloss coincides with its shade and flavor. My three favorites are Cocoa My Coconut (a sheer pinky nude that smells and tastes like chocolate coconut), Water My Melon (a clear watermelon pink with a hint of shimmer), and Spike My Punch (a clear cherry red stain). I was at Sephora a few weeks ago, and I tested Strawberry My Shortcake, and I loved it. It’s a pretty baby pink color with a healthy dose of shimmer – along the lines of Stila’s It Gloss. They neither sting/burn (like DuWop's Lip Venom, Too Faced Lip Injection, and Urban Decay's Big Fatty) nor numb the lips (like LipFusion and Urban Decay’s Blow Lip Plumper). I’m not sure how I would describe the sensation, but it’s more of a tingly, cooling, minty sort of feel. Normally I like the stuff that stings (that’s how you know it’s working!) but I hate the clown-mouth look that those types of plumpers give after the gloss has worn off (with the exception of Lip Venom, the true original, and in my opinion, the best clear plumper!) These glosses are both affordable and immensely enjoyable – and as most of us know, boyfriends and husbands always love glosses that taste sweet! (And for anyone who reads The Beauty Addict, these glosses aren’t nearly as tacky as the adjective-happy Dessert Beauty glosses, so you won’t feel embarrassed to pull them outta your makeup bag for a mid-day touch up!). $14 @

Oh, and if you look under “Airplane Approved Beauty” at the Sephora website, I believe TheBalm also has miniature Plump Your Pucker lip gloss trios. Each set contains three similar shades, such as “nudes” and “reds.” $21.


Beauty in the Breakdown said...

I like your blog! I'll definitely add it to my blog roll. These glosses are interesting. What is the staying power like? My biggest issue with lip gloss in general is that it tends to be gone after 45 min. tops.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for adding my to your blog roll! The staying power isn't that great, except for the Spike My Punch one because that shade leaves behind a bit of a reddish stain - but I don't mind that they don't last too long since they're tasty. They're like Bonne Bell Lip Smackers for grown-ups!

Jessica said...

Also - for anyone who read this post last night, I fixed the links, so you should be able to check them out now!