Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shear Genius - Better Than Your Average Hair

This post has very little to do with beauty products, but it does sooort of have to do with beauty, so bear with me!

Did anyone watch Shear Genius last night? I did, and I loooooved it! I love pretty much all of the Bravo Channel reality shows (Project Runway, Top Chef, and Top Design)...and actually, I love most competition based reality shows (especially America's Next Top Model and even the ridiculousness that is The Search for the Next (Pussycat) Doll) as embarassing as that may be to admit. However, I think Shear Genius will soothe my Project Runway withdraw because, like ProjRun, it's highly creative and all of the contests have unique, bold personalities (which makes for great television drama)! So, based on first impressions, who is your favorite/least favorite stylist? Would you let them touch your hair? What did you think of last night's creative challenge? Comment, comment, comment!

And if you haven't tuned it, Shear Genius is on the Bravo Channel on Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern time!


Meg said...

My interest was definitely piqued after the first episode, but I was SO disappointed in the second episode... it was so boring! And honestly, nobody really wowed me. It feels like the show consists of a lot of strong characters and few legitimately talented, creative and entertaining stylists. What did you think?

Jessica said...

I agree that the second episode was a little disappointing, but I think it will take some time to get going. At least it's not (in my opinion) as boring as Top Design! I was annoyed that the Anthony guy won this challenge because he probably had the easiest request and the style was just so...typical. Once again, I thought Tabitha should have won. But like I said in my post - Shear Genius will have to do while Project Runway is on hiatus!

franki durbin said...

Fortunately they keep sending home the ones I dislike, so I've been unaffected by their personality. ha! But I was surprised at how entertaining the show it. Unlike you, I don't like the drama they create - I like the challenges. And SG has improved each week! Sadly, Design Star was my fave reality show thus far.

I finally got around to watching Project Runway (reruns are a beautiful thing!) and love it. It will definitely be added to my TiVo list when it returns.