Monday, March 12, 2007

Something To Hide...

I think I’ve been searching for my Holy Grail concealer since the age of twelve. I’ve tried one after the other, and I shudder to think how much money I’ve spent on my quest for the ultimate cover-up. I want a perfect color match, excellent staying power and coverage, and no creasing. Is that too much to ask? Nope…I didn’t think so either, because judging from the message boards at Makeup Alley; I’m not alone in this quest. So, I figured I would tell you all about my journey thus far –

While working at the Cosmetics Company Store a couple years ago, I discovered Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer. It has the most impressive staying power out of any concealer I’ve ever tried, and that’s a great feat because since I have oily skin, most makeup has a tendency to “disappear” on me by mid-day. Sadly, there are (or were) only four color choices, none of which were a great match for me. I’ve heard that EL has reformulated the product and broadened the color selection, but I have yet to try it. Readers – what are your thoughts? Have you tried the new version of the Double Wear concealer?

Revlon’s ColorStay concealer ran a close second in staying power, but again, the color wasn’t the greatest fit though it was a little better than the EL Double Wear. I re-purchased the ColorStay on a whim about a month ago but found that Revlon has also reformulated their product; however, the changes made have caused the product to loose some of its staying power and coverage. Ugh!

I’ve also tried Amazing Concealer, and I have never been more disappointed by such a widely loved cosmetic product. Both the color-selection and coverage were mediocre at best, and the texture seemed greasy to me. I had the same problems with Allison Rafaelle’s True Concealer, but I can’t say I’m too surprised because both concealers include mineral oil in their list of ingredients. Not the greatest choice for girls with already oily skin.

Laura Mecier’s Secret Camouflage
is decent, and I still use it from time to time. I like that you can blend the two different shades to make a “custom color” that can change with the season or even the different areas of the face. The color match is good but not perfect, and I was surprised by the staying power, and I like that the texture is drier than most other concealers. But I DO NOT like Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer – much too soft and goopy and orange for me.

Since I can’t even walk into a drug store without purchasing some little inexpensive beauty product, I grabbed a small tube of L’Oreal True Match concealer about a year ago in Cool 0-1. THE COLOR IS PERFECT. It really is a true match. Sadly, the texture is too thin and the coverage is too sheer. This is so depressing and frustrating!

Despite all these trials and travails, I have found a temporary solution. The concealer by Delux Beauty is very good, as it provides substantial coverage, decent staying power, and a surprisingly good color match. I use the lightest shade called “Snowy,” and initially I thought it would be too light/too yellow based, but it blends nicely into the skin, especially under the eyes. It’s strange because I don’t even have many “problem areas” that need to be concealed, but concealer is almost like a “security blanket” for me. I think it’s a mental scar left over from when I used to be teased about having blemished skin at an early age. But – I will continue my quest for the concealer to end all concealers! What are some of the brands that have worked (or not worked) for you? Leave your comments!

(Author Edit: So - I wrote this post during some free time back in January, but I just hadn't had time to find the links, pics, etc. in order to make it a successful post. While trying to find links for the Delux Beauty and Allison Raffaelle concealers, I discovered that both of the cosmetic lines are on major liquidation sale on! Are these companies going out of business? Being discontinued? Hmmm...this is strange to me, especially since each of the companies claimed to have a long list of celebrity clientel!)

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try Stila concealer in the tube - it's great