Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


I used to have loooong hair. In high school, it was past my boobs...but I gradually got it cut to a little past collarbone length. Back in September I decided to cut it fairly short...well, shorter than it's ever been since I was a little girl. I really liked it for a while even though I had to straighten it every day because it didn't look good curly/wavy while it was short. Now...well, it's in that awkward "growing out" phase...and my bangs are really in an odd state. They're getting pretty long because I haven't even had them trimmed since the beginning of January (baaaad girl, I know...and that's the reason you can't really tell that I have bang in my blog pic!) - I just never really know what to do with them. I do the Gwen Stefani pouf/faux-hawk, the headband, the bobbypin, the barette, the deep side-part swoop - but I'm getting bored of all of these "styles." Readers, do you have any suggestions on how to tolerate growing out your bangs? I wish I could keep them a tiny bit below eye level, but because of my hair's texture, they never look good 100% of the time. Sometimes they look incredible and I love having my long, smooth, peek-a-boo bangs, but most of the time they look like I accidentally chopped off a huge chunk of my hair and I have this weird short piece just sort of lying on the top of my head. Ughh, so frustrating. So ladies, please leave your suggestions/styles in the comments! I'd appreciate it!


Meg said...

I think your hair looks good short! I've done the "cut it all off then let it grow" thing multiple times, and I find that I'm best off pinning my bangs back or using a headband, but you've already listed those options, so I'm out of suggestions. Your bangs aren't too short now, if you give it a few weeks you'll be able to tuck most of them behind your ear (smoothed with a little product and they won't move, but you knew that already).

You should consider posting pics showing all the styles you use to deal with the bangs as they grow out, I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing them (we've all had those haircuts before!).

Jessica said...

Meg - Thanks for your comment. I don't have any recent pics of my bangs, but they're getting really long. The pic on the bottom w/ the short hair was taken all the way back in October. I need to make a hair appointment ASAP but I've been under financial retraints lately!

Great idea about the post on dealing w/ bangs as they grow out! I just might have to use your suggestion! Thanks again!