Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lashing Out

I wish I could find a mascara that made my eyelashes look like this, but since that's impossible, I wish it were practical to wear false eyelashes every single day. I looove big, thick, dark lashes. There would really be no need for any other makeup if these lashes were genetically possible, and I would probably be $5,000 richer! : )

(This is a picture from Halloween, by the way. I was Rainbow Brite! But please ignore the grown-out roots!)

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theprettyperfectionist said...

hellooo. im Case! im just looking around at different blogs and came across yours. very interesting! i love reading about what other girls think of products. i've been nervous about the mocktails too! i hate the gritty feeling of too-glittery gloss.
anyway, jsut wanted to say hello and let you know i enjoyed what i read! :)