Monday, April 2, 2007

WooHoo and Ewww - Brief Reviews of Make Up For Ever's Full Cover Concealer and LORAC's Mocktail

I know I always say this, but I've been meaning to update for days now. Time just passes by so quickly these days and before I know it, weeks have passed since my last post! I really, really need to start making this a daily habit (along with an exercise routine because I tried on a swinsuit today, and boy are those dressing room lights horribly unforgiving!)

So, first things first.

I'm enjoying the products that I ordered from Sephora (see the last post).
The Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer is a nice product. I love it because it works wonders for my vicious undereye circles (I never, ever get enough sleep and sadly, I drink lots and lots of caffeine), and it's also nice if you have a bit of discoloration on your eyelids. I've been using it with my MAC Foundation Brush and it blends beautifully even though the color is a bit more yellow than most of the concealers I've used in the past (I use Shade 2). It doesn't dry out my skin, and most importantly, it doesn't fold into the little creases under my eyes! Yay! Unfortunately, I have to say that it doesn't do the greatest job at covering up the few little hyperpigmented spots that remain from blemishes of long ago. As for now, I am satisfied...but my search for the Holy Grail continues!

I DO NOT like the Lorac Mocktail Lip Gloss. The shade that I received for my deluxe sample is called "Lava Flow" and while the color is pretty, I really disliked the scent and the "flavor." I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's almost like a funky, fake version of chocolate covered cherries or chocolate dipped strawberries. While the real thing is delicious, the artificial thing is gross. Plus, the shimmer is too chunky - seriously, the flakes are gritty! I haven't tested any of the other colors/flavors, but hopefully they're hotter than "Lava Flow."

I still haven't tested the Tarte Sunburst Beaded Bronzer or the Escada Sunset Heat, but when I do I'll certainly let you guys know...but what do you guys think about LORAC Mocktail Lip Gloss? Have you tried any other shades/flavors? Leave your comments!

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